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Hello guys, did you ever wonder if you can't live without somethng? 😂😀
Have you ever wonder if in this world there is no electricity at all?....
Electricity is very important for human life, because of that we have to be thankful to God.
I can't imagine if the electricity is not found by the sir of Michael Faraday, the world is going to be dark and quiet like no life, there's only a sound of the animal that is disturbing night to lighting the flame.
It's a lot of things to do without electricity as a cook rice and cooking water, we can do it without electricity, but not all we can do.
We could miss the information if there is no electricity, we can't knowing how the state of the world now, how's the economy now, how the problem of education now, we can not access it without electricity. If we want to know a news and we have to go to the site, it will spend a lot of expenses. If there is no electricity we can not easily share the information to other countries, if we only rely on mail it will take a very long time and will hinder the country's development. So how important it is electricity in life, so get used to it the power with as good and as clever as possible.

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