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Ask an Expert 😊

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Hello everybody today I want talking about expertise. Everyone must have special expertise from within their own, although sometimes the person in not aware the she/ he has an expertise. The expertise was in the form of skill in the field of technology, academic (arts and sports) as well as acdemic literature, even magic also including ab expertise. Here I interviewed my lecturer her name is  Winda Rahmalia. She is a lecturer the course of kinetics of chemical, thermodynamics and balance, basic chemicals, chemical surface, chemical substances, and chemistry of inorganic materials. She is a graduate of the undergraduate Tanjungpura University fields of Chemistry, S2 of the Satya Wacana Christian University science Bioligi, Chlorophyll, and Pigments The Nature, S3 ENSIACET-INP Toulouse, France the field of Agroindustri. Mom Winda has  expertise in the fields of writing or write, according to her by writing we can pour the ideas that exist in our minds, because the idea sometimes is not being delivered orally, then made with the words so that it can in the analysis of what the problem is and how a solution to deal with it. She started writing since attending college in the 3 semester  and now she had attended a writing competition the national level by getting the champion 2nd, she also has published a book to high school student is about energy and enrichment for the class 1 to 3 have been published by DIKBUD and has disseminated throughout indonesia.In additionally, she also wrote several scientific article in the form of the journal, one of them is Bixin Adsorption Characteristic on TiO2. Not quite there, ma'am Winda will also be applied hopefully this year in the scale of the laboratory and that is already in production is cosmetics in the form of cream face against UV that have been produced in the scale of the laboratory in France.

Come on friends we raise the expertise we have to continue to learn and don't be afraid to fail, because failure is owned by the weak.😁😁😆😄😇😘

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