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Hello, everyone my name is Christina Dasilia. I want to tell you about my skill. I think my skill in the field of public speaking.I include people who are choosy, and I would like to talk in public even though sometimes a little bit how.I was never joined the race about public speaking as the debate and speech, but I went to the organization can exercise my speaking.The activities and organizations I've ever done and that I'm gon na follow up to now that is like doing a presentation in front of the class, to participate in osis middle school, extracurricular scouts in high school, giving the boy scouts to junior, to builder scout.I also used to be a builder scout in elementary school and middle school. I teach kids about the boy scouts and give the game about the boy scouts. In addition, I used to be the camp, where I interacted with participants. Indirectly, I've done public speaking to the participants. I've also been involved in the theater and a very stressful is at the time of presentation in front of a lecturer on Competition of Wrote Science.I'm proud of and Grateful to the ability that God gave to me and I will try to develop the ability that has been in anugerahkan to me.

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Dini Haiti Zulfany on 23 Maret 2017 19.19 mengatakan...

First of all, I am really happy to know that you have public speaking skill. I am waiting for your performance later in the final test, okay ;)

Second, please pay attention when using Google Translate, because there's still a word "anugerahkan" there in your post.

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